Hillcrest Hope

Kim’s story began some time ago in a place of fear, hurt, and brokenness.
Her marriage was ending just as she had learned of the abuse her niece
and nephews had been suffering. At this time in her life, she was also starting a new career and starting life over without a spouse. “I was terrified,” Kim shares. “I struggled but kept my head above water for the first two years. I was then in a car accident, causing financial distress, and we moved into a rough area.” Kim admits that while she was not happy with where they were in location, she kept reminding herself that her family was fed, housed, and loved. 

 They survived this way for another year, but after experiencing job loss, their only form of transportation disappeared, and Kim began to believe that she may not be the right provider for the children. Yet, those paying attention in Kim’s life saw how hard she had fought to come so far. They surrounded her with support and directed her to Hillcrest Hope.  

 Since coming to Hillcrest Hope, Kim and her family have learned and grown. They have learned more than finances; they have learned about how to work as a family. They have grown closer and stronger together. Kim explains that it feels as though they are “finally coming out of the dark,” and that there is light ahead. They have learned to think long-term, realizing that with setting goals and working toward them, anything is possible.  

 “I believe that when we leave Hillcrest Hope, that we will be confident knowing that if there are bumps, we can withstand and stay on course. I am not broken anymore. I have ways in which I am still healing but I now know that I can survive and even learn to thrive. I am now stronger and do not fear the future for myself or my children anymore.”