Northland Neighborhoods, Inc.


Pam is 64 years old and lives alone on $14,000 per year. She has had a heart attack, beat cancer, and is now fighting an auto immune disease that she receives weekly
in-home transfusions.

Pam loves her little house in Gladstone. She takes great pride in her home and works very hard to maintain it.  Her home, built in 1951, has a lot of deferred maintenance issues. Her electrical systems in the home are in poor condition. Many outlets and switches don’t work at all. She does not have the money to have her electrical systems repaired and upgraded and worries that her house will catch fire.

Northland Neighborhoods, Inc. (“NNI”), contracted with a licensed electrician to provide the necessary electrical repairs and upgrades to Pam’s home. The 

contractor stated that Pam had good reason to worry about a potential fire.

Pam is very appreciative of NNI and the Harvest Ball Society for the repairs to her home. She is sleeping much better these days!