Meet Taylor



When Taylor began attending our evening baking classes she was very reserved; held her head down, slumped over and would not talk much with anyone.  The only verbal interactions observed were between Taylor and her mother during drop-off and pick-up.  After two classes, Taylor began interacting with peers and staff.  As time went on Taylor began coming twice a week with support staff to volunteer in our markets, assist with catering events and joined our evening art program.  Currently, Taylor attends Job Preparation program three days a week and is an employed on the weekends at our Weston market.  We have witnessed growth in Taylor’s confidence, self-determination, engagement in healthy choices and socialization.

 “When you ask me what impact The Farmer’s House has had on Taylor, the word I use is PURPOSE!  It has given her something to look forward to each day.  Something of her very own; friends, goals in life, self confidence, self discipline, a job, people to confide in outside of her family, but most important a PURPOSE… that she is meant to do bigger things in life, touch others hearts not just ours!”


 – Taylor’s Mother.


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